Flat Object Labeller

joustbl-baglabelingsystem (1)JOUST FLAT POUCH LABELLER

The Nita Joust BL is the industry’s most technologically advanced label application system designed to accurately and efficiently apply a single Top or Top & Bottom label to a variety of flat sealed-edge bags (like zipper bags) or other flat objects. Special guide systems prevent bag skewing and wrinkling ensuring a straight and precisely applied label on every bag! Powered feeder systems allow for speeds of up to 100 bags per minute!


100% Non-Proprietary Electronics
TrusyncTM and Virtual Operator AssistantTM Technology for Changeovers in just minutes!
Recipe System with Calibrated Adjustment Stations
Servo Motors and Programmable Drives
Software managed with Remote Login Troubleshooting
Precision to 1/32”
Blistering 1570” Per Minute Application Speed
All Stainless Steel Parts
Vision Camera and Checker systems for pinpoint orientation
Variable Information Coding Options
Print Engine, Scanner and Reject Station Integration Options
16” OD Rolls (Standard 12” with 3” Cores)
Wide Web widths up to 12” (Standard 6”)