Constant Sealers

aie-302chAIE-302CH – 12ʺ Constant Sealer (Double Jaw) – Foot Operated – 15mm Seal

These special foot sealers are excellent for sealing polycello films, humidity-proof cellophane film, polyethylene film, aluminum foil coated bags and gusset bags. A beautiful mesh seal, 5/8 inch wide by 8, 12, or 16 inches long, is created.

These sealers are ideal for producing wide seals of heavier bags. Each unit is equipped with a temperature controller & beeper signal to notify operator when the sealing is complete. Each unit comes complete with pedal, stand, adjustable work table and foot control.

AIE-400CA- 16″ – AUTOMATIC – Constant Heat Sealer – Electric Foot Switch (Tabletop)AIE- 400CA

Excellent Polycello sealing capability, humidity proof cellophane, polyethelene, metalized films, aluminum and coated bags. With a 5/8” seal allowing a wider seal for larger bags.
Equipped with separate programmable timers for material thickness, congealing, and recycling. Foot Switch included for manual operation.

Max. Seal Length: 16 Inches
Temperature: UP To 390°F
Seal Width: 5/8 Inches
Watts: 520 W
Weight : 46 Lbs